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The Animal Facility of ION was established in 1999 and is an authorized unit with a Laboratory Animal Use Permit granted by the Shanghai government. It is well-equipped and runs under strict regulations. In addition to training all research scientists at ION in the correct care, handling and use of laboratory animals, the Animal Facility, together with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) of ION, approves animal protocols for procedures carried out at ION and monitors their appropriate execution.

The Animal Facility occupies a total area of 600m2, including 300 m2 for animal housing and breeding and 180 m2 for performing various procedures. Transgenic mice are maintained in a specific pathogen free (SPF) unit, while other animals including cats, rabbits, frogs, and monkeys are maintained in more conventional settings. The entire facility is maintained under constant temperature, humidity and ventilation and runs under automatic light cycles. It is also equipped with a disinfection system, an automatic alarm and telecommunication system and an emergency power supply system. In addition to laboratory animal housing, the facility also has allocated space for behavioral experiments, surgery and perfusion.

With our warm attitudes, efficient service, and solid technical knowledge and experience, we do our best to serve the scientific community at ION effectively.

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