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The molecular and cellular biology core facility was merged by general instruments facility and stem cell core facility in 2015. It’s now includes general instruments facility, isotope laboratory and stem cell laboratory.

It provides technical and logistic support for ION labs, including:

1. Technical services:

a).The flow cytometry lab offers cell sorting services and flow cytometry based multi-parameter analysis.

b).The HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) lab provides HPLC analysis of amino acid and monoamines in biological samples

c).The stem cell lab provides: Mouse and human embryonic stem cell (ES cell) lines; Customized iPS cell derivation using non-integrating technologies from a variety of somatic cell types; Genome engineered hESC or hiPS lines generated using TALEN or CRISPR genome editing technologies; Training in methods to maintain and differentiate pluripotent stem cells.

2. Management and Maintenance of shared devices.

3. Logistic support

4. Management of Isotope laboratory

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