Members of the Office
Fa-Hua Cao Secretary of Party Affairs 54921753
Jian-Ping Chen Deputy Director of Finance Office 54921780
Di Chen Secretary of the Office 54920521
Ai-Bing Chen Secretary of Human Resources 54921714
Lan Ding Secretary of Human Resources 54920048
Li-Li Fan Secretary of Human Resources 54921712
Yi-Xi Gu Director of the Office 54921756
Xin-Wei Hou Secretary of Research Project 54921711
Su-Rong Huang Director of Personnel Education Department 54921729
Jing-Jing Huo Secretary of the Office 54920306
Zhen-Zhen Li Secretary of Research Department 54921909
Yue Li Secretary of Services 54921715
Qian Li Secretary of the Office 54920361
Xin-Yan Li Secretary of Education 54921761
Zhe Pan IT 54921718
Ping-Ping Pan Secretary of Grants Finance 54921765
Xiao-Lan Shen Secretary of Finance Office 54921905
Jian Sun Secretary of the Office 54921914
Ai-Qin Wang Secretary for State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience 54921738
Qian-Fu Wang Deputy Director of Research Project 54921717
Ya-Min Wang Secretary of Research Project 54921871
Yang Wang Secretary of Education 54921858
Jia Xie Secretary of Education 54921907
Cheng-Dong Yang Secretary of Finance Office 54921869
Li Yuan Secretary of Finance Office 54920347
Lin Zhang Secretary of Finance Office 54921719
Jun Zhang Secretary of Research Project 54921787
Tao-Tao Zhou Secretary of Education 54921859
Jin-Qi Zhu Director of Research Department 54921730
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