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Fang, W., Li, J., Qi, G., Li, S., Sigman, M., Wang, L.*(2019)Statistical inference of body representation in the macaque brain. PNAS In press.
Yu, S., He, J.*(2019) Stochastic cell-cycle entry and cell-state-dependent fate outputs of injury-reactivated tectal radial glia in zebrafish. eLife 8:e48660
Cheng, T.*, Li, S., Yuan, B., Wang, X., Zhou W., & Qiu, Z.* (2019) Expanding C–T base editing toolkit with diversified cytidine deaminases. Nat. Commun. 10:3612

Zhang, X., Yan, W., Wang, W., Fan, H., Hou, R., Chen, Y., Chen, Z., Ge, C., Duan, S., Albert,C., Li, C.* (2019)Active information maintenance in working memory by a sensory cortex. eLife 8:e43191

Tong, C., Dai, J., Chen, Y., Zhang, K., Feng, Y.*, Liang, Z.*(2019)Differential coupling between subcortical calcium and BOLD signals during evoked and resting state through simultaneous calcium fiber photometry and fMRI. NeuroImage 200:405-413.
Xin, Y., Zhong, L., Zhang, Y., Zhou, T., Pan, J., Xu, N.*(2019)Sensory-to-category transformation via dynamic reorganization of ensemble structures in mouse auditory cortex. Neuron 103:1-13.
Yuan, L., Dou, Y., Sun, Y.* (2019) Topography of reward and aversion encoding in the mesolimbic dopaminergic system. J. Neurosci. In press.
Tong, D., Chen, R., Lu, Y., Li, W., Zhang, Y., Lin, J., He, L., Dang, T., Shan, S., Xu, X., Zhang, Y., Zhang, C., Du, Y., Zhou, W., Wang, X.*, Qiu, Z.*. (2019)The critical role of ASD-related gene CNTNAP3 in regulating synaptic development and social behavior in mice. Neurobiol. Dis. 130:104486
Zhou, C., Sun, Y.,  Yan, R., Liu, Y.,  Zuo, E.,  Gu, C., Han, L., Wei, Y., Hu, X.,  Zeng, R., Li, Y.*, Zhou, H.*, Guo, F.*, Yang, H. *(2019)Off-target RNA mutation induced by DNA base editing and its elimination by mutagenesis. Nature In press.
Li, M., Yuan, N., Chen, X., Lu, Y., Gong, H., Qian, L., Wu, J., Zhang, S., Shipp, S., Ian, M., Sun, X.*, Wang, W.*(2019)Impact of Acute Intraocular Pressure Elevation on the Visual Acuityof Non-human Primates.EBioMedicine In press.
Wang,H.*, Yang, H.* (2019)Gene-edited babies: What went wrong and what could go wrong. PLOS Biol. 10.1371
Wang, J., Lou, S., Wang, T., Wu, R., Li, G., Zhao, M., Lu, B., Li, Y., Zhang, J., Cheng, X., Shen, Y., Wang, X., Zhu, Z., Li, M., Takumi, T., Yang, H., Yu, X., Liao, L.* and  Xiong, Z. *(2019) UBE3A-mediated PTPA ubiquitination and degradation regulate PP2A activity and dendritic spine morphology. PNAS In press.
Zhang, R.*, Du, W., Prober, D. and Du, J.* (2019). Müller glial cells participate in retinal waves via glutamate transporters and AMPA receptors. Cell Rep. 27:2871-2880.
Zhang, L., Xue, Z., Liu, Q., Liu, Y., Xi, S., Cheng, Y., Li, J., Yan, J., Shen, Y., Xiao, C., Xie, Z.*, Qiu, Z.*, Jiang, H.* (2019) Disrupted folate metabolism with anesthesia leads to myelination deficits mediated by epigenetic regulation of ERMN. EBioMedicine 43:473-486.
Cheng, C., Yang, K., Wu, X., Zhang, Y., Shan, S., Gitler, A., Ghosh, A., and Qiu, Z.* (2019). Loss of CREST leads to neuroinflammatory responses and ALS-like motor defects in mice. Transl. neurodegener. 8:13.
Zhang, M., Zhou, C., Wei, Y., Xu, C., Pan, H., Ying, W., Sun, Y., Sun, Y., Xiao, Q., Yao, N., Zhong, W., Li, Y., Wu, K., Yuan, G., Mitalipov, S.*, Chen, Z.* and Yang, H.*(2019) Human cleaving embryos enable robust homozygotic nucleotide substitutions by base editors. Genome Biol. 20:101
Sheng, M., Lu, D., Shen, Z. and  Poo, M.* (2019) Emergence of stable striatal D1R and D2R neuronal ensembles with distinct firing sequence during motor learning. PNAS 116:11038-11047.
Jiang, W., Liu, J., Zhang, D., Xie, T., Yao, H.*(2019) Short-term influence of recent trial history on perceptual choice changes with stimulus strength. Neuroscience 409:1-15.
Zhong, L., Zhang, Y., Duan, C., Deng, J., Pan, J. & Xu, N.* (2019) Causal contributions of parietal cortex to perceptual decision-making during stimulus categorization. Nat. Neurosci. 22:963-973.
Cai, Y., Cheng, T., Yao, Y., Li, X., Ma, Y., Li, L., Zhao, H., Bao, J., Zhang, M.*, Qiu, Z.* and Xue, T.*(2019)In vivo genome editing rescues photoreceptor degeneration via a Cas9/RecA-mediated homology-directed repair pathway.  Sci. Adv. 5:3335
Xu, W., Bao, P., Jiang, X., Wang, H., Qin, M., Wang, R., Wang, T., Yang, Y., Lorenzini, I., Liao, L., Sattler, R., Xu, J.*(2019) Reactivation of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay protects against C9orf72 dipeptide-repeat neurotoxicity. Brain 142: 1349-1364.
Guan, S., Wang, J., Gu, X., Zhao, Y., Hou, R., Fan, H., Zou, L., Gao, L., Du, M., Li, C.* and Fang, Y.* (2019) Elastocapillary self-assembled neurotassels for stable neural activity recordings. Sci. Adv. 5:2842
Zhang, Z., Cai, D., Wang, Z., Zeljic, K., Wang, Z.*, Wang, Y.*(2019)Isoflurane-induced burst suppression increases intrinsic functional connectivity of the monkey brain. Front Neurosci. 13: 296.
Yin, D., Zhang, Z., Wang, Z., Zeljic, K., Lv, Q., Cai, D., Wang, Y., Wang, Z.*(2019) Brain map of intrinsic functional flexibility in anesthetized monkeys and awake humans. Front Neurosci.  13: 174.
Li, H., Yang, L., Yin, D., Chen, W., Liu, G., Ni, W., Wang, N., Yu, W., Wu, Z.*, Wang, Z.*(2019) Associations between neuroanatomical abnormalities and motor symptoms in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia. Parkinsonism Relat. D. In press.
Shang, C.*, Wang, Y., Du, J.* (2019) Information integration for motor control. Current Opinion in Physiology. 8: 116-120. (Review)
Chen, W., Peng, X., Deng, Q., Chen, M., Du, J.*, Zhang, B.* (2019)  Role of Olfactorily Responsive Neurons in the Right Dorsal Habenula - Ventral Interpeduncular Nucleus Pathway in Food-Seeking Behaviors of Larval Zebrafish. Neuroscience  404: 259-267.
Liu, X., Liu, L., Ji, Y., Li, C., Wei, T., Yang, X., Zhang, Y., Cai, X., Gao, Y., Xu, W., Rao, S., Jin, D., Lou, W.*, Qiu, Z.*, Wang, X.* (2019) Enrichment of short mutant cell-free DNA fragments enhanced detection of pancreatic cancer. EBioMedicine. 41: 345-356.
Wang, R., Jiang, X., Bao, P., Qin, M., Xu, J.*(2019) Circadian control of stress granules by oscillating EIF2α. Cell Death Dis. 10:215.
Zuo, E., Sun, Y., Wu, W., Yuan, T., Ying, W., Sun, H., Yuan, L., Steinmetz, L.*, Li, Y.*, Yang, H.*(2019)Cytosine base editor generates substantial off-target single nucleotide variants in mouse embryos. Science 364: 289-292.
Han, Z., Chen, W., Chen, X., Zhang, K., Tong, C., Zhang, X., Li, C.*, Liang, Z.*(2019) Awake and behaving mouse fMRI during Go/No-Go task. Neuroimage.188:733-742.
Zeng, H., Huang, J., Chen, M., Wen, Y., Shen, Z.* and Poo, M.*(2019) Local homogeneity of tonotopic organization in the primary auditory cortex of marmosets. PNAS 116:3239-3244.
Luo, J., He, K., Andolina, I., Li, X., Yin, J., Chen, Z., Gu, Y.* and Wang, W.*(2019) Going with the flow: the neural mechanisms underlying illusions of complex-flow motion. J. Neurosci. 39: 2664-2685.
Han, Z., Chen, W., Chen, X., Zhang, K., Tong, C., Zhang, X., Li, C.*, Liang, Z.*(2019) Awake and behaving mouse fMRI during Go/No-Go task. Neuroimage. 188:733-742.
Qiu, P., Jiang, J., Liu, Z., Cai, Y., Huang, T., Wang, Y., Liu, Q., Nie, Y., Liu, F., Cheng, J., Li, Q., Tang, Y., Poo, M., Sun, Q.*, Chang, H.*(2019) BMAL1 knockout macaque monkeys display reduced sleep and psychiatric disorders. N.S.R. 6:87-100.
Liu, Z.*, Cai, Y., Liao, Z., Xu, Y., Wang, Y., Wang, Z., Jiang, X., Li, Y., Lu, Y., Nie, Y., Zhang, X., Li, C., Bian, X., Poo, M., Chang, H. *, Sun, Q.*(2019) Cloning of a Gene-edited macaque monkey by somatic cell nuclear transfer. N.S.R. 6:101-108.
Gao, Z., Chen, W., Liu, M., Chen, X., Wan, L., Zhang, X., Yuan, L., Lin, J., Wang, M., Zhou, L., Xu, X., and Sun, Y.* (2019) Tac1-expressing neurons in the periaqueductal gray facilitate the itch-scratching cycle via descending regulation. Neuron 101: 45-59.
Fang, Y., Chen, M., Xu, H., Li, P., Han, C., Hu, J., Zhu, S., Ma, H., and Lu, H.* (2019) An orientation map for disparity-defined edges in area V4. Cereb. Cortex  29:666-679.
Yin, C.*, Li, X., and Du, J.* (2019) Optic tectal superficial interneurons detect motion in larval zebrafish. Protein & Cell  10: 238-248.
Li, X., Han, Y., Zhang, W., Wang, S., Wei, Y., Li, S., Lin, J., Yan, J., Chen, A., Zhang, X., Zhao, Z., Shen, W. and Xu, X.* (2019) Agrp neurons project to the medial preoptic area and modulate maternal nest-building. J. Neurosci. 39:456-471.
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