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Professor Mu-Ming Poo is the founder of the ION Reading Room. He donated most of the books since 2000. The reason he founded the reading room dates back to his own experience in pursuing scientific research as a young student. He believes that reading books written by great scientists increases interests in scientific research and helps to identify important problems to pursue. Moreover, reading a book is like receiving a private lecture from the author. Mu-Ming thus SET numerous first-rate scientists SITTING in the reading room and WAITING for ION students.

Professor Bai Lu has enriched the bookshelf of the reading room greatly by donating hundred of general books in Chinese. He declared that it is important for graduates to KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT SOMETHING. He thus selected series of books in nearly every aspect of knowledge, which can provide the reader with something interesting while reading them.

Some other professors contributed to journals in the reading room. They are Chien-Ping Wu, Lin Mei, Yi Rao, Shi-Gang He, Chao-Yi Li, et al. The staffs in ION, such as Yan Wang helped to make the reading room comfortable with labor and financial support.

It is clear that the ION Reading Room thrived with the support and generosity mentioned above.

The ION Reading Room is a self-organizing system, largely maintained by the users. Some senior graduates, such as Cheng-Yu Li, Yuan-Yuan Ji and Xin-Hua Liang took an active part in managing the reading room in the past 4 years. Now Zhu-Jun Tan takes the responsibility of the management and volunteers are in charge of the daily maintenance of the reading room.

Xinhua Liang (April 10, 2004)

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